GH 260 Hedge Trimmer easily starts by pulling the trigger and is so quiet it allows you to start your day earlier without bothering clients, making it perfect for noise-sensitive sites.  Professionally engineered and constructed product, it features a magnesium gear box for light weight operation, anti-jam technology, laser cut blades for cleaner cuts, rotating rear handle for trimming at multiple angles.  Powerful and easy to maneuver, it is excellent for both controlled sculpting and general hedge trimming.

  • Anti-Jam System
  • Magnesium Gear Box
  • 2-Year Tool and Battery Warranty


  • Voltage: 82V

    Motor: Brushless

    Blade Length: 26"

    Pivot angle: 5

    Length: 44.48"

    Cutting Thickness: 3/4"

    Impact Guard: Yes

    Rotating rear handle: Yes

    Anti-Jam Function: Yes

    Trigger: Yes

    Cutting speed: 3,000 cuts/min

    Weight (without battery): 9.34 lbs.

    Battery: GL-250/GL-400/GL-500/GL400BT

    Charger: GC-400 / GC-420