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Farm City is excited to announce that our Service & Repair Shop is now open to all Brands and type of Equipment. Since our opening, our service center was exclusively dedicated to the Brands we sold (Spartan Mowers, Bobcat and Redmax). Our new Team member, Shaun C., brings with him thirty plus years of experience in small engine and equipment repair. He has an extensive knowledge in almost any kind of outdoor power equipment on the market. If your equipment is in need of repair please give us a call or book your service on our website, or @farm city on Facebook. We can’t wait to be at your service.

Our Online Check In allows you to check in your equipment. A Text message will be sent to you after you completed the process, if you need a pick-up you can reply "pick up needed" and we'll take care of you! IT'S THAT SIMPLE

You can also check the status of your unit with the "Existing Ticket Lookup" to find out when your unit will be ready.

Website Service Check-In

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